Interior 2D and 3D Projects

We offer you a service of computerized 2D and 3D projects, that will allow you to visualize your project with the upmost detail and perfection, providing you a clear and real perception of the final harmony between the furniture pieces, the décor and the existing space.
Experience it before it happens!

Design and communication consulting

Grounded in an experienced, creative and professional team, Alfaiate D’Interiores finds the effective solution to customize your space, transforming dreams into reality.
How many times have you dreamed about having the perfect décor? How many times have you dreamed about having that space of leisure and comfort which allows you to relax from the daily stress? Certainly plenty. But how do you make the dream come true?
We carefully analyze the conjugation of very important factors like your personal taste, your life philosophy and your space, so we can propose you a unique and differentiating design enabling the perfect communication between you and your surroundings.
Our goal is to let your space communicate in your name.

Customized furniture

Do you know your desire? We make it real!
Pick the furniture, the design, the material, the tissue, the colour… Everything you desire is possible. Customize your pieces. Make your space unique and personal. Customize it as you like and make your wish come true.

Our own line of furniture

Our innovating design resulting from the appropriate training and creativity of our designers enables the creation of exclusive and unique pieces of furniture, totally differentiated from the usual market. All this combined with an unusual productive capacity based on our professionalism and our material high quality, allow our products to be at the forefront of quality and excellence.

Wedding wish lists

Complement your dream. Our team of professionals is available to turn your space into an extension of your happiness, presenting a set of solutions suitable for you and your moment.


We execute turnkey contracts for the luxury hotel industry, developing our work around the most prestigious furniture and décor projects, through our team of professionals or in partnership with worldly renowned architecture offices, designers and decorators, by establishing a strict and high quality professional relationship.