We are a manufacturing company dedicated to the sale of furniture and decoration. We creatively present solutions to “tailor” all types of spaces.

Although we are a young brand, we are part of the Epoca group, a design, furniture and carpentry production company, with developed projects at national and international level. Furniture manufacturer since 1947, the holding company is based in Paços de Ferreira and it’s one of the most modern and well equipped of the country in the furniture sector, holding a production area of ​​15000m2.


We exist to measure, create and “dress” your space in a unique and exclusive way. We focus all our efforts and attention on you, to offer you nothing else but excellence! We know each customer is unique, as well as their dreams, needs and requirements. That’s why each project is exclusive to mirror the personality of those who trust us their space.

Alfaiate D’Interiores believes that perfection is achieved by the symbiosis between comfort, practicality and beauty.


The innovative and exclusive design of our pieces is the result of the creativity of our highly qualified designers, that are focused in drawing completely differents lines from the regular ones on the market.

All this combined with a skilled production, based on the professionalism and the high quality of our materials allows our product to be at the forefront of quality and excellence.


Do you know what you want? We make it. Choose the furniture, the design, the material, THEfabric, the colour … Everything you want is possible. Customize your pieces.

Make your space unique and personal. “Tailor” it to your measure and achieve your desire. Your space will communicate through you, as a reflection of your personality!


Through 2D and 3D drawings development of your proposal, you can visualise all the details and spatial organization. You will have a clear and real perception of the final harmony between the pieces of furniture and the decoration of the rooms.

“ Feel it before it happens ”


With an experienced, creative and professional team, Alfaiate D’Interiores “tailors” each space, allowing your dreams to become reality.

Our focus is to achieve a “perfect communication” between you and your environment. Therefore, we analyse carefully and we work combining vital factors, such as your personal taste, your lifestyle and the space you want to have personalized.


With our professional team or through partnerships with world-class architectural consultants, designers and decorators, we execute turnkey contracts in the luxury hospitality industry. We develop our work with the most prestigious projects of furniture and decoration in a professional relation of great rigor and quality.


Fulfil your dream. We offer you our professional team to make your space an extension of your happiness, presenting a set of solutions that are appropriate to you and to the moment.